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Peggy De Meue is passionate about designing the right look for your project. Quality is top-priority for us, we have an eye for detail and always listen carefully to the actual needs of our customers. The right design is very visual-orientated so it should be attractive, pleasant looking, fresh and modern design, a good balance between text and visuals. People should want to read it, keep it, share it,… Peggy De Meue balances these elements in your design so it contributes to a stronger positioning of your company, which is especially very important in B2B.

Web Presence

Peggy De Meue has developed a package for companies that just want a presence on the internet. An attractive website can be developed quickly. Of course, the website meets the standards and requirements of the corporate identity of the customer. In an interview, we make a script of the website and the customer provides us with the necessary text and image materials. Our websites are accessible to all computers and tablets. On special request we can developed an additional interface for smartphones.

Web Pro

The opportunities on the internet are immense. Peggy De Meue has developed different modules in order to meet your requirements. The modules are constructed in such a way that they form the backbone of your website. Each module has its own function and can be completed at any time. Through a database and an admin, you or your employee determine or customize the content of your website. Here are a few possibilities that Peggy De Meue can offer: Database management and linking, E-shop, Internet payments, Different languages, Statistics, QR codes, NFC tags, Social media…


Due the various products and services that Peggy De Meue has developed, it is possible to create combinations and process in displays, exhibitions and museums. The starting point of the project is reaching the right audience, its’ more than just a good concept and a good interaction design. Peggy De Meue has years of experience in this field and is therefore the ideal partner to achieve the objectives of your project.


Presentations don’t need to be static. Adding dynamic will increase the attraction of your product and/or service. Peggy De Meue also designs digital educational games for museums and businesses. Depending on the budget, she also offer several hardware possibilities: touch screens, projectors, holographic projection ...


Peggy De Meue has a background in photography. It can be an additional asset to create a campaign. A good picture says more than thousand words.

"Every practice has a set of rules which governs it.

Mastery occurs with the realisations of these RULES.

INNOVATION occurs at the point of intelligent and creative rebellion against them."

Fiel Valdez


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Who am I?

Peggy De Meue is a dynamic person that specializes in creating and executing a variety of advertising and marketing tools, in particular for the "business-to-business" market.
Peggy De Meue is “the partner" for all your advertising and marketing objectives. Together with our experienced team, we devise the right strategy and we selected the right applications for you.
Peggy De Meue offers opportunities, not only the classic designs: such as logos, corporate identity, catalogue,... But we offer you also plenty of opportunities in the digital world: such as websites, cms, database, e-store,...

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